VR Club Live is 24/7 VR music festival, hang out with friends and other music lovers from around the world in sound-reactive spaces. Experience amazing light shows and fireworks like never before! Find yourself on the tropical island during sunset with beautiful event decorations and two music scenes, one is on the pier just above the water, and the second is in caves under erupting Volcano. Dive into the world of wonders, and enjoy your stay. Complete daily quests to earn rewards, customize your avatar, and uniquely identify yourself at the next-generation concert. Innovative solutions like dynamic playlists, hand tracking, 120Hz, haptic feedback, full-body avatar, and VJ spot - allow you to create a visual spectacle for others and immerse yourself in music. All these elements are synchronized with everyone in the club! To have more fun there are dance games and activities, for example: “Never have I ever..." After all the craziness you can ease your mind in the beautiful rest area.

We believe XR can bring people together and allows us to interact with others on a level that is indistinguishable with the real world. It’s exciting how future devices will expand our reality and allow us to create beautiful places where the laws of physics can be broken and the magical things can happen.

Events in XR will play a significant role in the life of ever evolving society and AR technology will further accelerate the development of such gatherings.

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